10 Beautiful Gobelins That Will Blow Minds

Tapestry Wall


can help you to impress your friends with stylish and comfy home, so why don’t you hang one? Also, through gobelins art you can solve your problem of wondering what present to buy for your family, friends or just for yourself.

Tapestry is tradition which has made huge impact on many cultures. In the middle Ages, they had purely utilitarian function. They were used to protect medieval rooms from damp and cold weather and to bring cosiness into the stone castles. By 1500, Brussels and Bruges had become the main production centers. In time these gobelins became sign of wealth and power. Many of the finest tapestries are entirely handmade using traditional techniques that are passed from generations.

25 Lovely Tapisserie Pillows For Your Inspiration

Tapisserie Pillows


Tapisserie Pillows

are awesome form of gobelin art. The idea here is to have beautiful handmade scribblings on your pillows that can only make your cozy couch to be even cozier..but with beautiful and stylish pillows :)

So the variations are up to you, but here are some inspiration…

5 Free Patterns of Awesome Christmas Tail Gobelins

Christmas Gobelins


are used many times in the past to tell and symbolize the story of Jesus. The celebration at Christmas, are based on the narratives in the Bible, in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Christian art includes many representations of the Virgin Mary, Christ Child and Joseph. Here we will present to you these 4 patterns of that story.